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hi. i'm sarah. i'm mostly known around the internets as "leviosaa." i'm 27 and a girl from new york with a master's degree. i like pretty things, clothes, writing, partying :], HGTV, and my husband [we started dating in 2005, and got married 10.20.13!] if you follow me, be prepared for some serious harry potter, emma watson, and food postage. along with whatever else i deem notable.

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did you guys like my wedding dress? :)

did you guys like my wedding dress? :)

  1. mort-du-livre answered: It’s beautiful!! :D
  2. dancinginmetropolis answered: *GASP!* You look so beautiful! :D Congratulations!! I was seriously telling everyone on October 20th that you were getting married! :D
  3. rainbowglitterfairy answered: Oh My Gosh, you look so pretty! It’s the perfect dress! I’m so happy for you! So here’s my belated congratulations: CONGRATULATIONS! <3
  4. thathogwartsowl answered: Gorgeous!
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  6. irrelevaantt answered: omg soooo perfect
  7. ifoughtthedaleksandlost said: It’s very pretty!
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  9. happylittleblogger answered: omg so freakin pretty!!!
  10. unitydutydestiny answered: So pretty!
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  12. sirproperlydecapitated-podmore answered: so pretty!
  13. impalaintardisin221b answered: you look beautiful! <3
  14. everythingisaprocess said: So beautiful!
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  16. coffeeshop-hopper answered: YES! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
  17. goomgramps answered: It’s beautiful!!
  18. strawberryfrogs answered: It’s beautiful on you.
  19. a-gathering-of-fangirls answered: You look like a floaty princess fairy person :)
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